This Shabbat
This week's lunch has been prepared by Marta Buechler with help from the kitchen committee.
During lunch Rabbi Kaplan will go through Passover Haggadah and share thoughts to enhance the Seder.
Synagogue News
Sell Your Hametz
During the holiday of Passover one may not own anyhametz (leaven). In order to fulfill this requirement, the custom in Jewish communities around the world is to sell our hametz for the duration of Passover and repossess the food at the holiday's conclusion. To have Rabbi Kaplan sell yourhametz for you click here.  
Passover Schedule
A schedule for services over the course of the Passover holiday will be sent out on Sunday. Please check your email then.
Community News
Kashering Day
Come kasher your pots/pans/utensils for Passover with Oregon Kosher.
April 13th from 5-7pm @ The Portland Kollel 
Passover Catering from Albertsons
The Kosher Deli at Albertson's will gladly prepare your Passover Seder this year. We can provide one of the following:  Beef, Chicken, Fish, or vegetarian option including all the parts for the Seder plate.  (A detailed menu list will be available soon).  The cost will be $36 per person.  The minimum order is 10.  Regarding sides, the Kosher Deli will be happy to provide any side dish for your Seder.  Just contact us and we will be very happy to accommodate your needs.  Please email Dov Neal and we will be happy to contact you and help set up your 2014 Passover Seder.
Save the Date
Maayan Torah Day School cordially invites you to a dinner celebration on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014.
Save the Date
This year we will be celebrating 100 years of Sephardic life in Portland. As part of this celebration a Gala dinner will be held on Sunday, June 1st, 2014. More information to follow.
Trip to Turkey and Greece
A trip to the Jewish communities of Greece and Turkey, including Rhodes, Athens, Izmir, and Istanbul is being organized for early September 2014. If you are interested and would like information regarding package pricing and the itinerary, please email Richard Matza by clickinghere.
Memorial prayers will be offered this Shabbat for the following loved ones:
Mercada Babani
Bella Fresco Sibek
Jane Driver Fresco
Congregation Ahavath Achim is Portland's Sephardic Synagogue. It was founded by members of the Rhodes and Turkish communities close to one hundred years ago. Our congregation welcomes Jews of all backgrounds and is proud to include Ashkenazim as well as Sepharadim.