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3225 SW Barbur Boulevard
Portland, OR 97239
(For information, call David 


Films shown second Tuesday of each month at 7PM.  Admission & Sephardic dessert are FREE.
Sponsors, Jewish Federation of Portland, Richard & Judi Matza, Charles & Jo Levy, Ron & Pam Sidis

November 11, 2014

Vida Sefaradi: Celebrating 100 years of Sephardic Life in Portland.  This documentary is a compilation of interviews with local Sephardic personalities and archival photos depicting the history of Portland’s Sephardic community.  This is a personal disclosure of life as they experienced it.  This melancholy DVD is in conjunction with a 64-page catalog, which will be available for purchase after the screening. 

A Jewish Photo Tour of Turkey and Greece.   This amateur compilation of photos is presented as a slide  show, by local Sephardim who participated in a tour of Jewish sites in September, 2014.  It will be lots of fun!
Speaker: Local Sephardic personalities.  Production by Congregtion Ahavath Achim.  


December 9, 2014

Live and Become.  The magnificent, epic story of an Ethiopian boy who is airlifted from a Sudanese refugee camp to Israel in 1984 during Operation Moses.  Shlomo is plagued by to big secrets:  He is neither a Jew nor an orphan.  He must “go, live and become” as his mother sends him off with an adoptive mother to find his life in a new land of opportunity.  Rich in humor and warmth, stirring and uplifting, extremely affective and unforgettable.
French, Hebrew, with English subtitles, 140 minutes, Winner of 18 audience awards in the USA.
Speaker following the screening


January 13, 2015  (triple feature night)

1492 El Otro Camino (we travel another path).  This short film explains who the Sephardic Jews are, where they migrated and settled after leaving Spain and what has become of these communities, up to modern times.  It is our history of 500 years in a nutshell presentation.
English, 12 minutes, an educational masterpiece.

Toledo – The Hidden Secret.  This film is an exploration of the history, culture, music and life of Jews in Toledo, Spain, which was a center of Jewish life before the Spanish Inquisition.  Toledo is famous for it role in the rise of the golden age of Spain and Jewish personalities and contributed much to the enlightenment of Europe.  Many of the top Jewish scholars made Toledo their home and now the secrets of their society and way of life are revealed to us.
Spanish with English subtitles, Director Jack Matitiahu, 2008, 70 minutes.

Turkey’s Sephardim:  500 Years.  This color film tells the story of Turkey’s Sephardic Jews in modern times after 500 years of existence on the lands of the Ottoman Empire, -- since 1492.  The producer traveled throughout Turkey recording Jewish life, tales, songs, jokes and stories about themselves and others.  Meet unique characters, view synagogues, learn about Sephardic life in Turkey as it is today.
English, Turkish with English subtitles, 50 minutes, Producer Laurence Salzmann
Speaker following the screening

February 10, 2015 (double feature night)

Synagonistis – Greek Jews in the National Resistance.
This documentary chronicles the role of Jewish fighters in WWII.  Jewish partisans tell of their wartime contribution in defending Greece against German occupation.  It is a tale of truth that dispels the notion that Jews did not defend themselves and their societies against aggression.  A story of 24 heroes and a tribute to those who defended their homeland.  An inspiring story, not to be missed.
Greek with English subtitles, 50 minutes, Produced by the Jewish Museum of Greece, 2013. 

In the Presence of My Neighbors.
This documentary is the most accurate, most comprehensive, and the most lucid film about the destruction of the Greek Jewry overall.  It is a balanced account letting the chips fall where they may, telling the positive and negative aspects of history as it applies to the Greek experiences in the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, betrayal, the Christian community and public opinion.  It portrays the years of WWII and the Holocaust, the aftermath of the war, and resettlement up to modern times in Greece and in Israel.  A truly frank and revealing expose’ of events concerning Greek Jewry.
Greek with English subtitles, English, 46 minutes, Produced by George Gedeon.
Speaker following the screening


March 10, 2015

The Frisco Kid. A comedy about a Kosher Cowboy without a prayer, but with plenty of laughs.  Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford are one feisty team as rabbi and rescuer in this romp about a rabbi who sets out from Philadelphia toward San Francisco in the late 1800s.  The rabbi needs a heap of help and he finds it in a cowboy who guides and protects him from a series of potentially deadly events.  Laugh to your heart’s content.
English, 119 minutes, produced by Mace Nuefel and Warner Bros.
Speaker:  Rabbi Michael Kaplan


3225 SW Barbur Boulevard
Portland, OR 97239
(For information, call David 

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