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Films shown the second Tuesday of each month at 7PM.  Admission & Sephardic dessert are Free.

Sponsors:  Ruben & Elizabeth Menashe, Charles & Jo Levy, Richard & Judi Matza, Ron & Pam Sidis, & The Jewish Federation of Portland.


December 10, 2013

The Rape of Europa:  A compelling documentary of how the Nazis looted both public and private art collections during WWII.  This film explores the Nazi plunder of art treasures from occupied countries and the consequences.  It covers a range of associated activities including appropriation and storage, patriotic concealment and smuggling, discoveries by the allies, and the extraordinary tasks of preserving, tracking and returning by American Officers.  The villains are Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goring, and questionable art dealers.

English, 117 minutes, 2007, Produced by Bonni Cohen, Richard Berge.

Speaker: Judy Margles of Oregon Jewish Museum, during the dessert reception.


January 14, 2014

Quest for the Lost Tribes:  Embark on a globe-spanning, richly documented search for the fabled Lost Tribes of Israel and discover the extraordinary evidence now being unearthed about a mystery that has tantalized the world for three thousand years.  Conquered by the mighty Assyrian Empire over 2700 years ago, ten of the twelve tribes of Israel apparently vanished into the mists of history.  But a dedicated team of documentary filmmakers believes that remarkable new findings could confirm the Tribes’existence and whereabouts.  Pursuing clues from the Middle East to India and Afghanistan, they attempt to sort myth from reality.  Especially interesting is the trail of the Menashe clan, which is a well-represented Jewish family in Portland.

English, 100 minutes.  Produced by A&E Television.

Speaker: Esther Menashe-Perkel, during the dessert reception


February 11, 2014 (Double Feature Night)   

The Key from Spain: According to legend, when the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, they took with them the keys of their homes and their synagogues, in hope of return. This uplifting story of survival and continuation by acclaimed Sephardic folksinger Flory Jagoda, tells the story of survival of a culture through 500 years of exile in many distant lands.

Produced by Ankica Petrovic, in color, 2000, English and Ladino languages, 40 minutes.

Expulsion and Memory: Shot on location in Spain, Portugal, Israel, Canada and the USA, this documentary traces the descendants of Spanish Jews who were forced to flee and/or convert to Catholicism.  Many of these people practice their religion in secret, many conducting practices passed down from generation to generation.  They are a ghost of a people.  Beautifully photographed and edited, the film features a lyrical Spanish/Sephardic soundtrack by leading artists, including Placido Domingo.

English, 60 minutes, color, 1996, Directed by Simcha Jocobovici.

Speaker:  Rabbi Michael Kaplan, MA., Medieval Jewish History; during dessert reception.


March 11, 2014 (Double Feature)

Out of Spain: The Spanish Connection (Episode I): Before the Spanish Inquisition and the expulsion of Jews from Spain, there was a Golden Age.  This film explores the period of flourishing Jewish life in Spain.  Embark on a historical journey with Yizhak Navon, fifth President of the state of Israel, and himself a Ladino Speaking Sephardic Jew, as we stray from the beaten path into amazing discoveries and places not found on tourist maps.  See Spain through Jewish eyes before all the trouble began. The film speaks about the Abolofia family and their leadership in Spanish society.

Spanish and English, with subtitles, 2006, 40 minutes, Director Yigal Lossin

Out of Spain:  The Golden Age (Episode II): Learn how the Jews of Spain emerged from their anonymity and developed the world’s foremost Jewish spiritual center of the Middle Ages.  A perfect balance of camera, script, landscapes, and historical data.

Spanish and English, with subtitles, 2006, 48 minutes, Director Yigal Lossin

Speaker: Mark Abolofia, during the dessert reception.


April 8, 2014   

Secret Passage: Siblings attempting to flee the Spanish Inquisition find themselves torn apart by greed and jealously in this historical drama.  Three women from a family must fend for themselves as they try to relocate to Italy and Turkey.  Adventures include escape, hiding of heritage, family tumult, family fortune, trade secrets, and risk that can cost their lives.  A fascinating full feature film, that promises to end our season on a high note of adventure and historical intrigue.

English, 141 minutes, Produced in Germany.

Speaker:  To Be Announced